Body adornments

A jewel from horse hair

I weave slowly and painstakingly, in the silence that these movements call for.

Close to nature, I unfold the hair as a fern opens. The movement of the spiral takes my whole attention. It’s meditative.

I practice infinitely small basket making techniques; circular web weaving. In doing so I unite sisal with horse mane – plant fibre and animal fibre.

I produce small quantities, unique pieces that are light and sensitive; «Little jewels».

I work solely with the natural colour of the horse hair, giving a delicate colour scale.”

horsehair jewelry - Collaboration with Mathilde Quinchez


Bijou en crin, sisal et argent


The “NATURE” collection of jewellery for women consists of a series of sobre and discreet earrings.
The backs are in .925 sterling silver.
The weavings are crafted in horse hair and sisal.

Bijou en crin, sisal et argent


The “TRÉSOR” collection of adornment for women is the fruit of collaboration between Zoë Montagu and Mélanie Salmon.
The backs are plated in fine gold in the Paris DESBOURDES workshops.
The weavings are in horse hair and sisal.
This collection is one of the most elegant created by Zoë Montagu. Delicate and bright, it is pure chic.

Bijou en crin, sisal et argent


COSMOS is a collection of contemporary jewellery born when Zoë Montagu and Mathilde Quinchez got together.
Zoë uses micro-basket making techniques, with circular pieces woven entirely by hand in horse hair.
Mathilde then captures them in silver lace. She perforates the precious metal until it becomes almost transparent.
Dialogue begins between these two materials, in an interposition of celestial bodies, a meeting of two stars: the Eclipse.
Elegant and timeless, these sets may be worn every day.

Materials: Horse mane / Plant sisal / Sterling silver

cadeau équitation


A collection designed by Zoë Montagu and conceived by Gaspard Holliger.
This partnership is made entirely in the Ariège region at the foot of the Pyrenees. The GEMME collection is a bud; a concentrate of nature.
The silver’s highly modern cut evokes the facets of a diamond.
GEMME is a collection of precious stones from the mountains, in all their brightness and clarity.

“I can create an object to suit you, in the colours of your choice… Why not even with hair from your own horse?


“Because I enjoy both the dialogues of matter and those with human beings, I am committed to several collaborations:”

portrait Anaïde Fleig Relieur brodeuse

Anaïde Fleig

Bookbinder, Embroiderer
Lightness of movement.
Sobriety of being.
High-precision luxury boxes.
Bijou en crin
portait Helène Barros Bijoutière

Hélène Barros

Jewellery Artist
Zhen  collection.
Sober work in precious metals.
Fabric in jewels; jewels in fabric.
Bijou en crin tissu en crin
portrait Jérémiah Oudin Bijoutier

Jérémiah Oudin

Jewellery Artist
Mïa collection.
Contemporary design.
Boiling of precious metal.
bijou en crin de cheval bracelet crin de cheval
portrait Mathilde Quinchez Bijoutière

Mathilde Quinchez

Jewellery Artist
COSMOS collection.
Silver lace.
Travelling between fabric and precious metals.
Contemporary jewels.
Bijou en crin de cheval "Eclipse" - Collaboration avec Mathilde Quinchez Bijou en crin de cheval "Eclipse" - Collaboration avec Mathilde Quinchez
portrait Mélanie Salmon Bijoutière

Mélanie Salmon

Jewellery Artist
TRESOR collection.
Pure «chic».
From brass to fine gold.
Bijou en crin de cheval
Sara Evans Modèle

Sara Evans

Fairy fingers
Harp set
Body and music
Bijou crin