Cloth from horse hair

I weave on a loom.

I select a warp thread that I’ve stumbled upon along my way, chosen for its story or its texture. Silk, cotton, linen

Then, thread by thread, I warp up my loom. I design a motif according to the feeling that is present; it may  be  volcanic or gentle, or something else…

Then, by hand and hair after hair, I pass the animal ornament into the shed.

It’s a taming of matter.

These fabrics are then used in furnishings, lighting design and interior decorating, but also in fashion and haute couture, and even, yes indeed, in sound design and instrument-making.”

Collaboration with Marie Labarelle

I weave both for professionals and for individuals. I can create an object to suit you, in the colours of your choice…

Watch a moving fabric Stop


2011: DMA Design Textile
2012: UNESCO / Culture and Diversity Foundation/ CHILI
2013: Foundation of France / Déclic Jeune grant winner
2017: Soroptimist «Woman of Talent» Award


Atelier de tissage de Zoë Montagu
tissu en crin


“Because I enjoy both the dialogues of matter and those with human beings, I am committed to several collaborations:”


cadeau équitation

Rose Baque

Hands in the ground
« écoute s’il pleut »

cadeau équitation bijoux avec crins de cheval personnalisé

Armelle Bouret

Between matter and image.
Playing with sensations and the body.

tissu en crin Bijou en crin et argent

Hélène Lopez

creative workshops
graphic patterns
recycled and wild dyes


Léocadie Lehagre

Stained Glass Artist
Wall dressing.
Jewels for space.
Playing with graphic design, reflections and patterns.

tissu en crin tissu en crin

Marie Labarelle

A melody played with four hands for the high-end art professions.
Creating volume that is both feminine and animal.
A  textile sculpture that you wear.

tissu en crin Tissu en crin

Miguel Gramontain

Accordion Maker
Sound crafting.
Technical challenge.
Letting air come through while protecting the mechanism from dust.

tissu en crin tissu en crin

Sophie Dando

Leather Craftswoman
Leather velvet.
Luxury objects and pattern play.

tissu en crin